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Targeted – Simple – Affordable
Advertising for Island Real Estate / Properties for Sale or Rent

Providing lower-cost and more affordable options for island agents, developers or owners to promote your properties across local and broader, global markets

Limited Time – Special Agency Market Offer
Single Properties and Multiple Property Listings – Sales and Rentals

$199 per year (or until sold)
Agent Accounts:
  $299 per year (Open Agent Account – up to 10 properties at a time – unlimited properties for the year)
($49 per year for each Additional Agent)

2 Payment Methods: Paypal or E-transfer to:

You do not require a paypal Account – simply select the property plan button above and your payment can be made with your choice of credit card.

If you have questions – or would like us to set up your property advertisement in advance (recommended so we do the work on the front end): email us at:

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    For more on this or other island properties please call or email with: