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The United States of America

The United States of America covers one of the most diverse geographic island regions and possesses many exciting travel destinations, with spectacular island real estate opportunities that you might wish to call your own.

From the tropical rain forests of Hawaii in the South Pacific, thru California, Alaska, and Florida to the North Eastern seaboard, the United States possesses a host of virtually unlimited island options that should appeal to almost anyone.

United States Real Estate, Accommodations/Lodging

When you come for a visit to the U.S.A., you should have no trouble finding lodging that fits your budget on almost any island of your choosing. If you’re on a really tight budget, you can source a room at any of the motel chains found off most of the interstate highways across the country. The rates are typically less expensive with good essential services provided.

Additionally you can also find large hotel chains and luxury suites available almost anywhere in the country. As an added option, you may wish to consider any of the privately run bed and breakfast inns which allow you to enjoy the comforts of being in a home with the service of being in an elegant hotel.

One little-known fact about the U.S. real estate market is that residents enjoy tax benefits with the purchase of residential property. If you are eager to call the U. S. home, then you should be able to identify significant differences in real estate prices, depending on where you choose to settle down.

For example in parts of the country, a 1,100 square foot house can run you $650,000. In other regions, a similar sized home might only cost $125,000. The closer you get to metropolitan areas or luxury neighborhoods, the more money you are going to invest for your real estate. in recent times, home prices have started to deceline as the rate of foreclosures increased nationally because of slight increases in interest rates. The combination of these factors mean that now may be an ideal time to investigate real estate ownership in the U. S. A.

The United States, with its unique blend of diverse cultures, extensive transportation network and expansive commercial opportunities, welcomes all travelers to her shores with open arms.




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