President Barack Obama gives a shout out to Cape Breton Island

Clipboard02_Image_Barack_ObamaMarch 10, 2016, Included as part of President Barack Obama’s remarks at the White House dinner last evening was a shout out to the warm welcome offered by Cape Breton Island to American residents considering purchasing a home and moving to the island if Donald Trump were to be elected as President.

He also joked that it they greatly appreciated the residents and good neighbors of Canada for rejecting any ideas about building a wall along their shared border between British Columbia and New Brunswick.  View Video Of President Obama’s Remarks

Lee Abbamonte’s 30 Best Islands in The World

Earlier this month (May 7, 2014) Lee Abbamonte published a blog list representing his opinion of the 30 best islands in the world.  Recognized as a travel expert Lee is renowned  as the youngest American to visit every country in the world having undertaken trips and excursions to some 312 total countries.

Lee’s list on islands follows a previously successful post of his view on the 30 best cities in the world.  Admittedly he has not traveled to every island but has set foot on many of them and virtually all of the known and / or populated islands.

Its an enticing list to review. Some island names from the Caribbean and around the world are readily recognizable including Bermuda, Aruba and Roatan while others are an education and will need some of your own research.

For more on Lee  Abbamonte’s travel experiences and to view his list of the Best Islands in the world you can visit his blog at:  Lee Abbamonte Travel Expert

Turks and Caicos Annex to Canada…?

CTV Ottawa reported today that a delegation of officials from the Turks and Caicos Islands were meeting with Canada’s Prime Minister in Ottawa. The group included the Island’s Premier and Minister of Tourism Rufus Ewing.

The subject of Canada annexing the Turks and Caicos is not new. It surfaced back in the 1970’s when Pierre Elliott Trudeau was Prime Minister and has continued to surface since that time.

The question being asked in the CTV report is: “Will the Turks and Caicos become Canada’s 11th province?” Some Canadians and others have taken to providing their opinions on local blogs – with some in favor and others against the idea.

For added details of the story visit Ottawa CTV News.

Bermuda’s Agars Island Listed for Sale

It was reported today in the April 15, 2014 edition of the Royal Gazette that Agar’s Island has been listed for sale.

Also known as Gunpowder Island the property was reputed to have been previously employed as a secretive store for military hardware.

The property was home to well-known and respected leader / contributorr in computer science and futuristic technologies – Dr. James Martin.

Additional information on this island and its background can be found at TheRoyalGazette’s website or on Private Islands Online.

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